Emailing an Invoice Package

One of the many features that we wanted to add to our program was the ability to email all documents as one package. This valuable tool was not an option with Xactimate, Symbility, Simsol and other business software companies.
The days of printing, scanning, faxing and emailing all your required documents to the insurance adjuster and or insured person are over. Usually a technician would have to carry around folders filled with all their forms, such as, scope sheets, work authorization, moisture maps, psychometric reports, work stoppage, and certificate of completion forms. After the technician receives signatures from clients, they would have to scan in the documents and send them over to the insurance adjusters. Emailing one, two, or three photos at a time became really time consuming.
When an invoice package is ready to email to the insurance adjuster, insured person or other contractors, we always recommend previewing the package to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction. You can do this by clicking on the Preview button on the right side of the dashboard.

Once it meets your satisfaction, click on the Email button on the right side of the dashboard. This will bring up the Email Dialogue box. All forms except the overall diagram form are selected as the default. You can select or unselect all forms that you wish to email. At the bottom of the Email Dialogue box is where you select who you wish the invoice package to be emailed to.

Insured – This will be the insured persons email address from the cover sheet
Insurance Company – This will be the insurance adjusters email address from the cover sheet
Self – This will be your company’s email address from the cover sheet
Manual Entry – This is where you can enter any email address you wish

You can select one or all recipients.

Click on the Send button when you are ready to send the package. The recipient will receive two PDF’s inside the email they receive. The first PDF will be all forms, such as, invoice cover, invoice, invoice summary, work authorization, anti-microbial authorization, moisture maps, psychometric reports, work stoppage, certificate of completion, and overall diagram. The second PDF will be all the photos. Each invoice can have up to 24 photos.

We have completed extensive tests emailing up to 100 pages and 24 photos in the invoice package. These emails were sent and received by the recipients.