Our drawing tool is extremely easy to use

Ashlyn loves using the Restoration Estimating & Invoicing Solutions LLC diagram drawing tool. She is constantly drawing her dream bedroom. Adding her bed, night stands, dressers, ceiling fan, chairs, couches, closets, doors and windows is very simple. All you do is drag and drop! I consider her the best system tester for our program. If a seven year old can master the diagram drawing tool, any company employee can too!

While inside any estimate or invoice, click on the draw diagram button under the desired affected area in which you want to draw that area. This will take you to the diagram drawing tool.

On the right side of the diagram drawing tool there is options to add text, circles, squares, ovals, lines, dimensions and arrows. The user also has the option to add colored spray particles and free hand writing onto the drawing.

On the left side of the diagram drawing tool there is options to insert the room shape. The user also can drag and drop various symbols such as, doors, windows and different room fixtures and furniture. There is also an option to drag and drop wall identifiers that work in conjunction with the moisture maps. A great feature we added was to add equipment. So the user can show where and how much equipment they placed in an area.

The diagram drawing tool can be easily mastered after a short time of use.