Restoration EIS!

Working in the water, fire, and mold restoration industry can be very demanding. Restoration Estimating and Invoicing Solution also known as restorationeis offers a complete program for only 75.00 dollars a month.

This invoicing program can work for many other industries such as roofing, construction, flooring, painters, etc. The program is best formatted for remediation projects or job estimates.

You might think that a Invoicing program at this price point would be lacking in many features. We offer many useful tools available for you to use outside or inside of the office and complete your work right there where you need it the most. How would you like to have the ability to make and complete your mitigation estimates or invoices right at the job sight?

The program allows you to make your own line item descriptions with pricing that is always available on your laptop or tablet. All necessary forms are also built right into the program consisting of a Cover Sheet, Work Authorization Forms, Certificate of Completion Forms, Psychometric Report Forms, Moisture Map Forms and others included. A drawing program for all of your individual areas and a overall diagram that prints within your estimate packet and a 24 pack of pictures that print in pdf as well.

How about a favorites list for your most used descriptions with pricing? How about a master list with all of your descriptions with pricing?
All of this is accessible for you to use.

There are many many more features included and these are a great help in keeping you organized and more professional looking.

All of our forms already have legal statements included but you will also have the ability to change or create your own legal statements that will always be there for you.

We also have included Craftsman Book Company which has over 13,000 + line item descriptions with pricing that you can import to your invoice or use as a reference. We even included a dry out timer which lets you know just how long your equipment has been running and then prints the completed time on your cover sheet.

You can print or email your estimates or invoices right from the clients location. Unlimited users and invoices are also included for your company. Finally there is a complete invoicing program that offers many of the most wanted items and at a fair price.

We have instructional videos and one on one help so you are never alone if the need should arise.

We look forward to assisting you in your success. Restorationeis