Taking Notes on the Job

Have you ever been creating an estimate or invoice at a water, mold, fire or construction job site and you needed to take notes about that particular restoration or remediation job? You wasted time going out to your work truck looking for a piece of scratch paper. You finally decide to write your notes on a used napkin you had purchased early this morning with that glazed donut on the way to the job. After what seemed to be three hours, you write down what you think was the correct notes, you toss the napkin into your work truck’s glove compartment. Never to be seen again
We have provided a great tool that makes it possible to take notes inside each job.
While working on an estimate or invoice with your desktop, laptop or tablet, click on the Notes icon on the top right side above the Save Form and Calculator icons. This will bring up a notepad so you can write anything you wish about that particular water, mold, fire or construction job. Any user that logs in and goes into this job can pull up these notes. For example, the owner of the company is back at the office and wants certain dimensions of an affected area. He can write this into the notes for that job. The technician at the job site can see and respond to the note any time when they pull up the notepad while in that job.
The notes that are on these notepads are not printable. They are created just for the company and their employees to use and see.
Never again will you have to scribble notes on a napkin, if you are a subscriber of Restoration Estimating & Invoicing Solutions LLC.